Why Helocom?

As hospitals, medical centers and surgery departments work to continuously improve patient care through the evaluation and acquisition of new equipment and software systems, they often find that they need assistance to operationalize their newly acquired components. This might include the need for Personal Computers with custom physiological data interfaces and/or the need to re-design the clinical stations to handle the new equipment. Helocom offers the "single phone call" solution that allows the client to concentrate on patient care, while outsourcing the legwork required to combine the various hardware and software components into a cohesive, ergonomic and efficient solution.
What we provide for the IT department:
  • Make sure that all the software installed on the clinical PC matches the standardized IT requirements (readers, browsers, anti-virus etc.).
  • Provide a bridge of communication between the medical/clinical personnel requirements, IT department data requirements and the vendor(s) providing the clinical applications.
  • Provide highly customized and turnkey computing environments and solutions.
  • Generous warrantees on custom equipment
What we provide for clinicians:
  • Ergonomic solutions to allow the efficient use of their application investment.
  • Take care of any technical issues out of their realm of expertise.
  • Project management in areas that they are unfamiliar with.
  • Ability to focus on the patient care instead of the installation details.
What we provide for the software application vendor:
  • Single point of contact for any hardware related requirements.
  • Ability to customize hardware and station to allow IT and clinicians to focus on their daily responsibilities.
What we provide for hospital administrators:
  • Confidence that the project is well managed
  • Knowledge that the investments into hardware and software will be effectively and efficiently utilized on a timely basis.
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