Services we provide:
  • Create, design, and customize Anesthesia cockpit
  • Provide custom engineering to achieve optimum ergonomics for surgery
  • Help healthcare improve process through creative engineering
  • Work directly with vendors that provide clinical software applications
  • Custom hardware design to support clinical applications
  • Design hardware that is compatible with a variety of interfaces to physiological devices
  • Provide improvement to anesthesia ergonomic infrastructure
  • Merge varied technologies like Gas, Heart and Medication devices into single framework.
Hardware we provide:
  • Personal computers including network clients
  • Interface hardware to physiological devices
  • Personal computer peripherals like monitors, keyboards and scanners
  • Custom hardware (“arms”) to attach devices to anesthesia carts
What does a typical project include:

Step 1: Every hospital uses a different combination of products, applications and setups. HeloCom begins the project with an on site assessment so that we can first hand see the ergonomic layout of the clinician providing care. Additionally, particularly in surgery a wide variety of clinical applications are being utilized, these devices need to communicate with each other therefore a complete analysis is conducted.

Step 2: We document the present environment and the physical realities of the operating room environment. This involves a review of all current equipment and applications in use as well as any new equipment and applications that will be installed and implemented.

Step 3: Clinical team members are interviewed, a list of requirements are compiled as expressed by the anesthesiologists, surgeons, and surgery staff.

Step 4: HeloCom works with the clinical software vendor to determine the hardware requirements for the software application including the software, physiological device connectivity, medication bar code scanning capabilities, anesthesia mounting device etc.

Step 5: The system is custom built to meet each clinicians needs and the software vendor application requirements, the system is then shipped on site for installation within the surgical environment.
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